№1 service of activities for kids and families in Norway

A family-run website, which offers a nationwide overview of activities and events
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№1 service of activities for kids and families in Norway
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Project overview

Revamping a Legacy System

We got this project with an existing platform packed with a wealth of data on diverse cultural and sporting events across Norway. However, the design was dated, and the server architecture was capping the potential growth of the platform. The challenge was not only to enhance the user experience but also to ensure that the website was search engine friendly and equipped with advanced filtering capabilities.

The Transformation: Modernized Design and Advanced Features

Our strategy was grounded in a holistic overhaul:

  • Innovative UX Design: Recognizing the constraints of the existing design, we proposed an entirely new user experience concept, setting the foundation for a more interactive and intuitive platform.
  • Robust Backend: Beyond the design, we redeveloped the website from the ground up, introducing a backend that could support the website's growing demands.
  • Enhanced Capabilities: The new platform isn't just about events. We broadened its horizons to encompass scheduled arrangements as well.
  • Deep Integration: Utilizing SPA and SSR technologies, we seamlessly integrated Google maps, enriching the platform's utility.
  • Empowering Users: With a separate user panel, private customers now have the freedom to add events independently. On the administrative end, the completely redesigned panel now boasts a plethora of handy features.
  • Optimized Search: The search function is crucial for such a platform. We rolled out a user-friendly search mechanism, supported by multiple criteria. To top it off, the implementation of SQL stored procedures drastically enhanced the website speed, offering users a swift browsing experience.

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