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Valletta Development is, first and foremost, a reliable business partner. We’ll build a sincere dedication to your company, one fostered through the prism of our diverse experience with multiple technologies and industries. We’ll address your urgent demand for staff within days and provide you with complete control over your budget. Unlike freelancers, our engineers always strive for long-term and stable cooperation.

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Management Team

Chief Executive Officer
15+ years of experience as CFO. MBA (Chicago Booth), Master degrees in Mathematics and Management.
Member of Advisory Board in charge of technology and software development
20+ years of experience in software development and management. Master degree in Comp. science.
Strategy Advisor
Master of Science in applied physics. 20+ years in digital transformation (retail, customer care, ecom) product management.

To drive exceptional results for your project,

we rely on our previous experience of more than 1,000 successfully completed projects within 11 industries.
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To be flexible in scaling up and down with your needs,

we keep our bench level at 15% of the overall headcount.
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To achieve a stable, solid fit between your projects and our staff,

use a proprietary vetting technique and simulations.
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To maintain a high level of quality at all times,

we adhere to mature PM processes, only hire middle- and upper-skill level engineers, and use mandatory weekly code reviews.
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To keep you 100% aware of workload and payments,

we prepare granular reports with each task clearly detailed, and provide you personal access to the engineers from your project.
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About Valletta Software Development

group photo of employees Valletta Software Development
Since 2009, Valletta Development has focused on IT-related companies, fulfilling their needs in custom web and mobile development, QA, UX research, and UI design. Along with that, we are a flexible powerhouse for those looking to quickly close the talent gap with remote teams of dedicated, senior-level software engineers.
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For hardware and IoT manufacturers, Valletta Development provides all the scope necessary for additional work like integrations, updates, and emerging support, complementing client profile knowledge with missing yet required wisdom.
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For e-commerce merchants, as well as category-focused retailers, we build turnkey solutions and help them expand their online presence from the very start.
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Our vision is to continue being recognized as a top-level service provider within our technological and industry-wide competencies, to always stay hungry finding ways to improve and never stop delivering excellence.

Benefits of working with Valletta Development

You outsource your needs to a contractor that’s held a 100% success rate since 2009.
With our long years of operational experience, Valletta Development excels at eliminating any hint of project failures. As a result, we’ve delivered more than 1,000 projects without any significant issues. We’re quite confident that your project will also succeed and not become an exception.
You can continue to rely on us as needed.
Alongside our 100% project success rate, 98% of our clients recommend us as a highly reliable, long-term software outsourcing partner. Many of them have also returned with new project scopes. Today, a major segment of our business comes from long-time contracts. For your project, this means you’ll likely be pleased with our services, too.
You get only skilled engineers and managers.
The first thing to mention is that Valletta Development doesn’t hire junior-level engineers and managers at all. All employed staff are middle- and upper-skilled software developers, and that’s why we’re extremely capable at fast scaling and long-term relationships.
You will speak with your contractor in the same language.
Our team consists of tech-savvy, fast learners who will naturally save you time and effort when communicating things and executing tasks. You won’t need to repeatedly explain any complex technical or business concepts ever again — we get you from the start.
Your people will always be involved and aware of what’s going on.
Our workflows for engineering and other teams include daily sync-ups with your side. All the members are engaged personally and communicate with their counterparts frequently; as a result, the client always stays in the loop throughout development.
You save a lot of time otherwise spent on hiring.
Currently, hiring a skilled software engineer is a challenge that can last months. By choosing to work with us, our developers will start delivering measurable value two days after the negotiation starts.
You will have better control over your IT costs.
We provide 100% transparency in terms of reports and payments. Our reports are detailed down to single tasks no longer than 4 man-hours. And each task is valued separately. Daily sync-ups serve the additional purpose of limiting any potential bumps in the road by no more than 24 hours max. 

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