Illuminating the Path Forward:
Understanding Our Processes and Alleviating Concerns

Dive into a comprehensive explanation of our project methodology, designed to provide clarity on our processes and alleviate any concerns. This document serves as a guide to our strategic approach, ensuring transparency and understanding at every step of the project.

Flexible Collaboration Within a Structured Framework

We work based on a regular 40-hour work week and 8-hour business day from Monday to Friday.

90 % of the team are in UTC+1 (-1 to +4)

But we are flexible and can adjust regular meetings to your schedule.

Project managers are usually available for more than 8 hours per day, especially on specific occasions.

2024 Unified Holiday Calendar for Multinational Operations

We are an international company registered in Malta, Georgia, and Armenia, but we synchronise our processes with global calendars.

For the 2024 the following days are considered holidays:

  • January 1-3
  • March 8
  • May 1, May 9
  • December 25

Performance Tracking and Management Approach:

Efficient Engagement and Transparent Reporting: We follow best practices, engage only as needed, and use familiar tools for clear process and performance insights.


for knowledge base


to track tasks & time

Project Manager or Team Lead

or both to your Project as a point of contact.

Seasoned experts with extensive experience over many years.

Chats, video calls and emails for communications

Any tool here can be used but we prefer emails and Skype/Slack/Teams.

Regular Sync-ups and reports:

Weekly or bi-weekly sync-up meetings

Weekly Reports: breakdown of hours and tasks for each team member.

Team routines

(optional based on the project and agreements): daily team meetings, weekly task status reports, burndown/burnup charts, time spent vs. estimate, Jira dashboards, sprint/release demos and retrospectives.

Comprehensive Team Management

and Support for Your Project

Workload on the project

We prefer to allocate a team member for full time and long term as it guarantees the best effort and involvement.

If the volume of tasks is insufficient or sporadic we will occupy the person with internal tasks, education or another project.

Team management

We provide a solid dedicated full-stack team for your project. If there is a need we can scale the team with current or potential team members caring all the human research expenses. We have a number of already short-listed candidates, so we can close the spot on the team within 1 day.

Releases and Overtime Work

We prefer our team members to follow work-life balance and not to work overtime.

But occasionally, some extra work can be required.

All the overtime or weekend work is to be discussed beforehands.

Overtime is billed at double the normal hourly rate.


We notify you early about departures and promptly seek replacements internally or through partners. Departing employees ready all necessary documentation and remain available for up to a month. You may participate in selecting their replacement, including conducting interviews or assessing code samples.

Vacations/sickness days

Employees have 25 vacation days yearly, with vacations arranged a month in advance. For long vacations or sick leaves (1 week+), we may provide replacements depending on workload, without changing rates. Onboarding for replacements occurs 2-5 days before, with costs covered by us. Short breaks and sick leaves are quickly approved, though replacements for these are not guaranteed.

Suspension of work on the project

The project can be paused upon your request (e.g. if additional internal approvals, time for decision making or seeking investment are needed) or due to significant payment delays and debts incurred.

Work on the project is stopped immediately after discussing the reasons for the pause and a timeline for resolving issues.

Restoring work on a project after a pause

If a project pauses briefly, the team tackles internal tasks and training until resumption.

For indefinite pauses, members shift to other projects to prevent downtime.

Upon your readiness to resume, we strive to reassign the original team or offer alternatives, with reassembly taking 1 day to 2-3 weeks.

* Rate increases will occur no more than once a year for not more than 5%.
The next rate increase is planned for the fall of 2024.

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