Empower Your Projects with Staff Augmentation Services

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Empower Your Projects with Staff Augmentation Services

What staff do we provide?

From part-time Figma designer to an entire team inc. top-notch DevOps specialists

Full stack node+react / angular+.net etc., react.js, react native, .net / ASP.NET, node.js, angular, devops - AWS , Azure, Kubernetes, CI/CD, Jenkins etc., kotlin, swift, java script.
Business process outsourcing deals focus increasingly on digital

What is Staff Augmentation?

Staff Augmentation: A Strategic Hiring Approach

Adding Talent On-Demand for IT Project Flexibility

Staff augmentation is a strategic approach to hiring where you add external talents to your team on a temporary basis. This model is particularly effective in IT, where the demand for specialized skills can fluctuate. With staff augmentation services, you gain the flexibility to scale your workforce up or down as needed, ensuring that your projects always have the right people with the right skills at the right time.
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Comprehensive Web Development Services

Valletta Software Development: Comprehensive Web Services and E-commerce Expertise.

Comprehensive IT Staff Augmentation

In the realm of IT staff augmentation, Valletta stands apart. Our rigorous selection process ensures only top-tier IT professionals are at your service, be it for software development, project management, or cybersecurity. By choosing Valletta, you access a global talent pool, ensuring your projects are not just completed, but masterfully executed.

Nearshore Staff Augmentation

Nearshore staff augmentation combines the benefits of proximity with the flexibility of outsourcing. This model is ideal for businesses seeking to work with teams in similar time zones, facilitating smoother collaboration and communication. Our nearshore professionals at Valletta are not just skilled in technology but are also culturally aligned, ensuring a harmonious integration with your in-house team.

Pros & Cons of Staff Augmentation

Staff augmentation provides a nimble workforce scaling option, offering rapid access to skilled workers without long-term hiring obligations. It aids in handling project-based or variable workloads, but also demands solid integration and communication practices to manage external staff effectively.
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A Spectrum of Services for Every IT Need

Valletta's staff augmentation offers comprehensive IT services, from software development to cybersecurity, provided by experienced professionals aligned with your business goals.
Choosing the Right Staff Augmentation Model

Tailoring the Model to Your Business Goals

Selecting the right staff augmentation model is a strategic decision that hinges on your project requirements, company culture, and budget. Consider factors like project complexity, required skill sets, and collaboration needs. For instance, nearshore augmentation might be ideal for continuous collaboration, while short-term augmentation can address immediate, niche skill gaps. At Valletta, we guide you through this decision process, ensuring the chosen model aligns perfectly with your goals and operational dynamics.

When Is Staff Augmentation the Right Model?

Identifying the Ideal Scenarios for Augmentation

Staff augmentation is particularly effective in scenarios where agility and specialized skills are paramount. It's ideal for projects with fluctuating workloads, requiring rapid scaling up or down. Companies facing short-term skill shortages, or needing to fill gaps during recruitment processes, also benefit greatly from this model. Additionally, it’s a fit for businesses seeking to test new markets or technologies without the commitment of permanent hires. Understanding when to deploy staff augmentation can be the key to maintaining a competitive edge.

Staff Augmentation: A Cross-functional Strategy

Enhancing Capabilities Across the Board

Staff augmentation isn’t just about filling skill gaps; it's a strategy that enhances cross-functional capabilities within your organization. It allows for the infusion of fresh perspectives and specialized knowledge across various departments, from IT to marketing. This approach promotes innovation, fosters a dynamic working environment, and enhances overall productivity. By integrating external expertise with your internal teams, staff augmentation can transform the way your business operates and competes.

What our clients say about us

Check out what the people who know us first hand think about our work attitude.

Justin Ramb
Justin Ramb
BigEye Creative, CEO
Not often that I give this high of marks for a development company. But these guys deserve it. Excellent team and excellent delivery. You wont be disappointed.
Richard Brooks
These guys are real professionals and go the extra mile to ensure everything is perfect. Excellent communication skills and eager to understand the project requirements. I highly recommend this contractor. Love these guys...
Thomas Schlienger
Thomas Schlienger
TreeSolution Consulting GmbH, Managing Director
We made excellent experience with Valletta Software Development. The team is real professionals, dedicated to make the client happy and always striving for the best quality solution. The communication always was good and they quickly understood even the most complex specification or change. Highly recommended!
Michael Abramowicz
Michael Abramowicz
Collective Judgement, founder
Great work on my large and complex project, which we are continuing on Upwork.
Kevin Schramm
Kevin Schramm
Trifecta VOIP
I have had many great experiences with Upwork, but this was the best. We totally reconstructed my website and it came out much better than expected. It has more features and looks nicer than I imagined when I first submitted the job. Excellent work. Excellent communications. And skills way above most web developers. They are very highly recommended.
Frank Bria
Statistical analysis in Banking
After more than 6 months working together, I can recommend them is an extremely competent team. They always took the time to properly understand our business problems and often raised issues with design decisions, recommending superior alternatives. They paid close attention to details, always provided supporting unit and integration tests and responded to feedback promptly. The result was always a high quality solution and I'd have no hesitation in recommending them.

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